This corner of the internet is written by Kerry. She is a freelance writer (most notably for The Guardian, The Independent and the Chronicle and Echo) and when she isn’t coaching gymnastics or baking, she’s writing words in one way or another.

Kerry has a BA in Journalism and Creative Writing, but she has given up the news in pursuit of copywriting and blogging.

Kerry loves…

– the Hello Internet podcast by CGP Grey and Brady Haran

– fresh cloudy lemonade, especially from Jamie’s Italian and Byron.

– London, when it starts to get dark

How Kerralina is monetised and what you need to know about it

Kerralina makes it’s pennies via the following:

Affiliate links
Links to products that, if you buy, give me a commission

You’ll see Google Adsense ads here and there. See above.

Sponsored posts
Sometimes I work with brands if I really like them (and I think you will too). If a brand commissions me to write a post I’ll make a note at the end of the post letting you know who it was sponsored by. I’ll always be true to my own opinion.